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~ Arabic: Learn Arabic Language| Online Arabic Language Course

Arabic: Learn Arabic Language| Online Arabic Language Course


  • Be ready to speak Arabic
  • Ask questions


Marhaba (Hello and welcome)!

My name is Nezha, and welcome to Arabic 4 U!


After taking this online Arabic language course, you will start to:

  1.    Speak Arabic with Arabic speakers from around the world
  2.    Understand Formal Arabic called Modern Standard Arabic MSA or Fusha

    Arabic speakers learn Modern Standard Arabic in school.

    It is used in Arabic books, Arabic news, Arabic documentaries, Arabic road signs, and Arabic formal speeches.

  3.    Make sentences in the Arabic language on your own
  4.  Speak the version of the Arabic language called “White Dialect of Arabic” that Arabic speakers from different countries speak and understand.
  5.   Understand Arabic Grammar and Arabic Conjugation.


    Understanding Arabic grammar and Arabic conjugation will allow you to learn Arabic quickly.



Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn formal Arabic and spoken Arabic at the same time
  • Students who want to read Arabic confidently
  • Students who want to learn some Arabic grammar and Arabic conjugation
  • Students who want to speak like Arabs do
  • Students who want to use Modern Standard Arabic to communicate in Arabic with Arabic speakers
  • Students who want to write in Arabic
  • Students who intend to take one of the Arabic proficiency tests such as OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) in the Arabic language, including Government employees and officials, or others Using the spoken version of Modern Standard Arabic MSA
  • Government employees, officials, or any individual who relocated or will be relocating to different Arabic countries
  • Individuals relocating to an Arabic speaking country for employment, business, or volunteering to help Arabic refugees, such as doctors and nurses
  • High school students interested in pursuing Middle Eastern or North African studies in college
  • College students studying Middle Eastern Studies, North African Studies, Middle Eastern Affairs, or other subjects involving the use of the Arabic language
  • Medical staff and government employees who deal with the non-English speaking Arabic population

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Arabic: Learn Arabic Language| Online Arabic Language Course

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