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~ Affiliate Marketing Unlocked – Simple Steps to Success

Affiliate Marketing Unlocked – Simple Steps to Success


  • #1 Requirement is to be excited about becoming an affiliate marketer and becoming your own boss.
  • There are supplementary tools mentioned in this training course that require additional investment. Some are mandatory, like a domain name and hosting, but others are optional.


Is One Or More Of These Things True?

  1. You’re fed up with your progress or your profits so far?
  2. You are sick of the BS hype, promising so much, but delivering so little?
  3. You are confused about what really works and what doesn’t?
  4. You’re ready right now to learn what will work for you?

If there is one thing that holds most people back, it is finding the right person you can learn and grow with.

This should be a trainer you fit with, with the right strategies that can launch you into action.


My Promise To You:

I, Ciaran Doyle, promise to show you the affiliate business-building steps to…

  • Eliminate the confusion, squash the uncertainty and frustration, while…
  • Earning a full-time affiliate income, plus more,
  • Working less than you think you have to,
  • Getting more recognition for what you do,
  • And just having more fun than you can remember.


So, if you are looking for that final breakthrough, that last little push towards success, you are in the right place.

  • I always like to ask my students
  • What’s your normal morning routine like? Think about it
  • Now imagine waking up, bright and fresh, maybe in a strange land, checking your email, and seeing affiliate commissions landing in your inbox overnight
  • Or maybe you are out with family and friends, eating a fancy meal with your loved ones, not slaving away in a job, and your phone dings, another commission, earning money on autopilot.
  • I’m going to show you how to make this scenario and affiliate marketing a reality for yourself.

Because, when you learn what I’m going to teach you, it makes life fun… to see and hear those email dings coming in… YOUR very own system is set up and running, working its magic, even while YOU sleep.


But what if you’re not qualified?

Here’s the truth about affiliate marketing

  1. You don’t need to be an expert,
  2. You don’t need to have done this before to promote products and make sales,
  3. You don’t need to be a university, college, or even high school graduate
  4. And, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make this a reality.
  5. This training is specifically created with the goal of you being successful with it (not purchasing and leaving it like so many others)
  6. Also, it is created to ensure that you take the required steps to get your first niche affiliate marketing business up and running in a super quick time.
  7. When you go through the training videos you will have to do tasks,
  8. Once you have finished them, tick them off the list, send me a check-in, it’s that straightforward.

A simple training structure (not over complicated like so many others) that has taken people just like You with absolute zero knowledge of the internet and affiliate marketing and given them the formula to create an income-producing affiliate business.



Well, this affiliate marketing training is based on a strategy that works, and that over time this strategy gets stronger and produces more income, called the compounding effect.

It uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and utilizes search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to make money for free. The compounding effect works when you create content for your niche affiliate sites…


More Content Over Time EQUALS More Compounding EQUALS More Sales.

Plus I show you the easiest way to find super relevant content for any niche online, without even having to create it yourself.


What many people teach and only really applies to experienced marketers.

They teach setting up landing pages and using overly priced Facebook and Instagram Ads. This can work but has a huge and expensive learning curve to see any profit.

For a start, Facebook Ad costs have gone through the roof, and affiliates are in a panic. And with the iOS update on Apple phones, it means that you are able to actually reach fewer people than before.

Fewer people to reach EQUALS More competition for the ads EQUALS MORE expensive ads.


When people are browsing social media, they are relaxing, chilling out, talking with friends, stalking ex gfs and bfs, etc… their intent is NOT to purchase products.

So actually converting them into sales is really a long and expensive process (and better left until you have a solid affiliate business producing you income to enable you to test things).

Unlike a person searching on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for a solution to their problem,

When your website appears they are actually actively looking for the solution you are offering,

So that means they convert at a much higher rate.

Searching For A Real Solution To A Problem EQUALS A Higher Likelihood To Convert To A Sale For You.

If you have fallen for the social media gurus before, don’t worry, many of my students have been in the same predicament before they came to me.

So, for a change, you will learn the real fundamentals of the internet.

The skills and strategies haven’t changed since marketing began.

These are the things that actually WILL work for you, no matter the niche you want to be in, and in a much quicker time.

Do you want to get real results for a change?

Do you want to be able to quit your job and work on your online business?

You will be able to easily follow along with the over-the-shoulder step-by-step approach to help this become a reality for you…

Simply do what I do, and let me guide you to succeeding online.



How This Affiliate Marketing Training works

The training is split into 2 parts, totaling 9 modules.

In the first part of the training, you will discover the exact steps you need to find niche affiliate products, get the best domain names, create content using SEO  or search engine optimization, which gives you tons of free visitors, and how to make websites that personally bring me in $80 to $300 a day, and even more.

This section of the training is full of the fundamental techniques that are designed to build your confidence with affiliate marketing and help you make your first affiliate sale in as little time as possible.

In the second part of this course, you will learn how to turn your website onto autopilot and increase your sales 10X by utilizing email marketing, quiz marketing, website power-boosting backlinking, and clever content tricks that Google loves and gives you tons of free traffic, always.

Here is a quick summary of what you will take away from this course

Understanding how you can make money online in ANY niche,

How to pick the perfect products so you know they will convert into sales, not all products are created equally,

How to create content that lures in visitors and makes sales super quickly,

How to plan, design, and build niche affiliate sites easily,

How to build a long term sustainable online business and income,

How to apply what you learn to many other digital marketing niches. This is the stuff that will make you a very wealthy person.




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Affiliate Marketing Unlocked – Simple Steps to Success

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