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~ Time management for success in college and life!

Time management for success in college and life!


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CDH Education Inc is an education service company. We help students succeed in college and beyond. We realize that students do not know what they don’t know and what they don’t know can hurt their chances of success in college.

We have developed this innovative and current workshop series to help students navigate college. Even students who do well in high school still struggle in college. Why? Because they and not prepared! Preparation begins early – sometimes as early as middle school. While some students have parents and siblings who have attended college, this does not guarantee success.

Colleges can be difficult to navigate. Students may not understand college terminology. They may wonder, What is a pre-requisite? What is a co-requisite? What is the difference between online, hybrid, face-to-face, and remote learning?

How can students learn how to manage their time, their money while in college, and their social life? CDH Education workshops will help!

This course is designed for students preparing for college, the workplace, and life.  Students will learn how to manage their time well so that they can be successful in college, and life! 

students will:

  1. answer questions about time their time management style
  2. complete a time management questionnaire
  3. learn how to develop better time management skills
  4. helped to be prepared to manage their time in college, and life.

Upon completion of the course, students are encouraged to enroll in other college success workshop courses by CDH Education Inc.

1. Money Management

2. Stress Management

3. Goal Setting

4. College Terminology

5. Funding your college education with federal grants

6. Funding your college education with federal loans

7. Study Skills

Who this course is for:

  • – Learners preparing for college
  • – Learners in College
  • – Learners preparing for work beyond college

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Time management for success in college and life!

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