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Mt. Mograph Motion V1.0

Mt. Mograph – Motion adds customizable expressions to your After Effects projects. Control your animation like never before. Free yourself from the Graph Editor and get the delicious Motion

you’ve craved.

What’s included?

11 fully customizable tools

Hours of animation get wasted repeating tasks, retiming keyframes and jumping between windows. The Mt. Mograph – Motion script give you 11 tools that automate and enhance repetitive tasks.

Many have multiple uses. Specials expressions and powerful controls target specific layers and properties saving time and effort.

The Mo-Speed Editor

Free yourself from the Graph Editor with the Speed Editor. Use the Sliders to effortlessly adjust Keyframe Interpolation and Easing. As you adjust the Sliders, preview the animation changes

before they happen. Complex animations can be perfectly timed in seconds.

Bonus Features

  • THE ANCHOR PANEL: Easily control Anchor Points, with 9 helpful alignments.
  • LIFETIME LICENSE: Each purchase comes with a non-expiring lifetime license. Allows use on commercial projects and access to all future updates.

System Requirements

Motion has been tested in After Effects CS5 – CC (2014). Older versions are not recommended — but may still support Motion. Use at at own risk.